How much will it cost?

Your first appointment

First appointments cost £50, payable on the day, and I currently accept payment by cash or debit / credit card. The herbal medicine itself does vary in cost (different people need different types and amounts), but a typical prescription costs £8-£10 per week. I usually make 2-3 week’s worth of prescription at the first appointment. I don’t charge any extra for nutritional information sheets or helpful print-outs. Neither do I charge for letters or emails.

If I need to send your herbs to you, they’ll be sent via first class post, and the cost for postage and packing is £5.00 (up to 1 litre / 1kg).

At the end of your first appointment, we’ll also arrange a time and date for your first follow-up appointment. You can find out more about these here.

Your subsequent appointments

Follow-ups are £25, payable on the day, by cash, debit / credit card or cheque. It’s usually a good idea to meet up every 1-2 months, until the point that you no longer require herbal medicine, or until we reach a point where you can arrange repeat prescriptions. At a later point in the course of your treatment, if it’s appropriate or easier for you, telephone or Skype appointments can be arranged instead of in-person meet-ups, which also cost £25, but most people do find that in-person appointments are more beneficial and that they “get more out of them”.

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Hannah Sylvester, Medical Herbalist, Lincoln

Hannah Sylvester, Medical Herbalist, BSc (Hons) MNIMH. Medical Herbalist and Lecturer

Hannah graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine. She is a registered Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH). Hannah lectures part time BSc Clinical Herbalism degree course at Lincoln, is a qualified educator and is an accomplished public speaker. She also features regularly on broadcast and print media.



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