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Over the years I have delivered many talks, workshops and events relating to herbal medicine. The following people and organisations have been kind enough to leave some feedback and testimonials with me, following hearing one of my talks, or having booked me for a workshop.

Ben Skipper, Bounce! Coordinator, General Adult Services, Lincolnshire NHS Partnership Foundation Trust:

“Occasionally you meet a professional who ticks all the boxes, and then excels. Hannah is one of these. Hannah is one of the most engaging, personable, interesting and knowledgeable individuals it has been my pleasure to work with. Her interpersonal skills tied with her hands approach to her wide subject matter are fantastic and her ability to engage and encourage beneficiaries from a wide range of backgrounds is simply a reflection of her passion for her work, her drive and her openness. Never confuse Hannah for a mere Herbalist, she is also a educator, and an excellent one too.”

An attendee at a team building workshop for PepsiCo:

“I had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in one of Hannah’s workshops. I found her very knowledgable and has a great sense of fun. I left the workshop with the know how of making lip balm. Pure bliss.”

An attendee at my workshops at the Dandelion Days

“Thanks ever so much.  I thoroughly enjoyed the both the chickweed ointment and the fire cider vinegar workshops that you led – I’ll most certainly enjoy using them, and I’m inspired to make them again in the future :)!”

Fiskerton Gardening Club

“Thank you very much for the handout and for an interesting and stimulating presentation. I have had lots of positive comments from the members and I am sure we will see you again soon.”

Secretary, Stubton & District WI

“This is to say thank you for your very informative and interesting talk and I bet a lot of our members will look at herbs differently after that.  I said I would give you feedback and the feedback is – everyone that I have spoken to so far said they enjoyed it and felt relaxed with you.”

Lincoln Tinnitus Support Group

“Thank you so much for coming to see us.  All of us enjoyed what you had to say and I am sure that some members may contact you separately.   I had always associated ‘herbal medicine’ with ‘Chinese’ and had completely overlooked that there could be a ‘Western’ approach.  Fantastic!  And the fact that you grow some of the herbs in your preparations is wonderful.  What better provenance can there be?”

Chair, Inner Wheel of Bailgate Club

“It was a very successful evening. Your talk was very welcomed and appreciated by all. I think you too have inspired many to take time to see whats growing in there garden and what can seriously be used in the way of a herbal medicine.”

Speakers’ Secretary, Nettleham Gardeners’ Association

“What a great evening you gave us yesterday and we all send our best thanks to you for a very informative talk.  It’s always very obvious when a speaker does a good job, as there is no coughing, fidgeting or looking at watches.  Our members were taking in all the information you gave and went home very happy. It was excellent in every way.”

Theresa Workman, Collections Access Officer, Museum of Lincolnshire Life

“I’m glad that you enjoyed the day on Saturday.  Your presence really made an impression on people and I’ve already had feedback on how much visitors enjoyed talking to you.   I would love to work together again, and as soon as we have something that fits in with you, I’ll be in touch!” (Photo courtesy of the Museum of Lincolnshire Life)

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Hannah Sylvester, Medical Herbalist, Lincoln

Hannah Sylvester, Medical Herbalist, BSc (Hons) MNIMH. Medical Herbalist and Lecturer

Hannah graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine. She is a registered Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH). Hannah lectures part time BSc Clinical Herbalism degree course at Lincoln, is a qualified educator and is an accomplished public speaker. She also features regularly on broadcast and print media.



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