Jill’s thoughts:

“I have been seeing Hannah, the medical herbalist, for a number of health issues for a few years now. Throughout my time of knowing Hannah, I have found her to be extremely dedicated and committed to providing a unique service, which is tailor-made to individual needs. In particular, I feel that Hannah has a professional, holistic approach, which takes into account he depth and complexity of the individual problem, considering other significant factors such as diet, lifestyle and personality/ life history, rather than just focusing on the presenting symptoms.

Hannah is very aware of the centrality of the therapeutic relationship in any healing process and places a lot of value on open and honest communication, facilitating a deeper process of positive self-change. 

Hannah has a very flexible and creative approach to working with individuals, including the choice to be seen in her clinic or in your own home. 

Hannah is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about all the aspects of different herbs and works very intuitively in terms of putting together a unique remedy for each individual. Within this she will occasionally also use herbs from traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine if this is appropriate. 

She has inspired me to have a deeper and more visceral understanding of herbs and become aware of the different levels that herbs work on beyond the physical. In today’s modern society where there is such emphasis on pharmaceutical drugs which treat symptoms, it is so refreshing to have this choice of medicinal herbs which work naturally with the body’s own healing potential.

The new clinic room provides a very warm and calm environment. In particular the choice of more earthy and natural colours and materials of the clinic as well as the presence of the herbs creates an ambience which effectively mirrors the more natural healing process of medical herbalism. I have been particularly impressed that the herbs are organically sourced, which has made a huge difference in terms of their purity and stronger healing potential. 

In summary, I have found my own journey with herbal medicine under Hannah’s sensitive and thoughtful guidance to be very enriching and healing in terms of my own physical and emotional well-being and would highly recommend Hannah’s ‘District Herbalism’ to friends, family and colleagues.”